There are distinct advantages of being brought up in a hill station like Ooty in the Nilgiris.

No TV. No Internet. And no playing cricket indoors meant that one had no choice but to curl up in bed with a book on rainy days. A house filled with the Classics helped develop a lifelong relationship with good writing.

A solid public school education at a 145-year-old institution with excellent teachers made me progress naturally from reading to writing. In fact, winning the first prize in a school essay-writing competition might have subconsciously planted the seeds of my career way back in my sixth standard.

Today, I have thirty-two years of professional experience in copywriting, producing creative for virtually every industry. I have exceptional writing skills in all media—digital, TV, print, radio and OOH.

Along the way, I’ve learnt not just what to do but why, how and where to do it to maximise advertising spend.

Having worked for so many clients in so many industries for so long, I know why people buy – from hawk-eyed children and hard-nosed businessmen to demanding housewives  … across the spectrum of demographics and psychographics.

I love my craft and will continue to write not only for a living but for life.

Here is a partial list of brands I have worked on:

BMW cars, Visa credit cards, LG Air-conditioners, Zivame lingerie, US Pizza, the UB Group, GEC- Alstom, Du Pont, Orange County, Microsoft, Intel and more.

I am working on a novel which will be published later this year.

Look at my work on the print ads page.  If it fits what you are looking for, contact me.  I promise you an experience that will make you want to come back for more.